We are a family We are a family

We are a family

What makes us unique

We are the Bottazzo family and, together with our collaborators, for over 50 years, we have been producing terracotta pots in the heart of the Euganean Hills, our home.

Strong roots tie us to our territory and to the people living here. Over the years, we have grown together, interweaving our stories.

Our mission is to bring the Italian spirit all over the world, the warmth, the atmosphere and the taste that make a terracotta pot an icon of Italian style.

“Italianness” for us means know-how and know how to feel good. It means sharing with the rest of the world the excellence of a product 100% Made in Italy, taking care of those who work with us.

How is born an icon of style Euganea Vasi?

Style icons overcome the ravages of time, keeping their charm intact.

The terracotta pot, like Moka pot and Vespa, is an icon of Italian style. In its elegant and essential shape, it meets the precise aesthetic, functional and constructive parameters that have made the Made in Italy famous all over the world.

Our intent is to keep unchanged the simplicity of our pot shapes, so that they last over time, in harmony with the environment.

Situla Situla


It is not a simple vase. Discover how a style icon is born.

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