Situla Situla

icon of Italian style

A pot symbol of art, trade and culture

To create a style icon it is important to know the tradition.

Situla (Latin name meaning “bucket”) was a pot in the shape of an inverted truncated cone, narrow at the bottom, used by many ancient Mediterranean civilizations, including the Este Culture, which arose and developed in the area where we live and work today.

Situla was widespread in the Iron Age and was usually made of metal material, more rarely of terracotta.

It was a typical object produced by the Este culture which, for this reason, is also called “civilization of situlas”.

Essential shape,
classical purity

We wanted to give shape to an extremely simple and essential pot, embodying elements of classical purity.

This is why we chose a name that refers to the history of our territory and the manufacturing art of our ancestors.

High and flared at the top, elegant in its simplicity, this pot is perfect for medium-sized plants with sinuous lines, such as spathiphyllum.

Technique and passion

Technique and passion are the two pillars at the heart of our production, for more than fifty years.

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