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Welcome to the area reserved for retailers. On this page, you can browse our catalogue and request any materials you need.

We can send you our price list and photos of our pots on a neutral background or staged: our pots are for a life to be lived! Through these photos, you can admire the authentic Italian atmosphere that our pots help create in every home and garden, thanks to their classic, timeless simplicity.

You can also request a copy of the first issue of our magazine “More Than A Pot – Living, loving, selling”, filled with articles and useful ideas on how to recreate a corner of Italy in every part of the world, as well as inspiration related to terracotta pots, a material with an innate and ageless beauty.

What we do together means more than just making and selling pots to us.
It’s an expression of who we are.
Our passions.
Our Italian spirit.

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