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Heat and Technique

Fire technique
Water technique
Earth technique

The fire heat, the water freshness, the earth richness.
Terracotta is timeless.

We have been working with it for over fifty years, with passion and commitment. We have made it our own, by refining advanced industrial manufacturing techniques, but our pots have not lost their simple and essential nature.

Made in Italy is a source of pride for us: our pots are special because they smell of Italy.

Pots with a red heart, perfectly fired

Pots with a red heart, perfectly fired

We have refined our manufacturing industrial technique to make pots for every home and every garden.

How we make pots
We build relationships with pots

We build relationships with pots

We take care of our customers and suppliers with the same attention and passion we use to work with terracotta.

How we build relationships
Situla Situla


It is not a simple vase. Discover how a style icon is born.

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