Personal information

All information relative to natural persons who may be identified by means of a number, symbol, mark or other username is considered “personal information”. The public part of the Euganea Vasi S.r.l. web site may be browsed without the need to provide any identity or personal information.

Information collected automatically

Visits to the site trigger the automatic collection of the following information:

User hostname. The hostname or Internet Protocol address of the user requesting access to the Euganea Vasi S.r.l. web site.
Http header, and the “user agent” string which includes: type and version of the browser used and the operating system by means of which the said browser functions.
System date. The date and time of the user visit.
Full request. The specific request made by the user.
Content length. The size in bytes of each document transmitted to the user.
Method. The request mode adopted.
Universal Resource Identifier (URI). Position of the resources in the server.
The Request for the URI string, namely all that is to be found after the question mark in the URI.
Protocol. The transmission protocol and version used.

None of the above-listed items of information constitute “personal information”.

The information automatically collected by Euganea Vasi S.r.l., as a result of web site access, is used to improve the site and to help Euganea Vasi S.r.l. understand how users interact with the site. The said information is collected for the purposes of statistical studies, in order to establish which data/content is of use or of interest to users, and to what extent, thus improving the effectiveness of the material available on the site.


Cookies are simple text files which are stored in the visitor’s web browser so that the users of the site may be distinguished from one another.
The use of cookies is standard internet practice. To facilitate the task of meeting user needs, “session cookies” are occasionally used by the Euganea Vasi S.r.l. web site to enhance the quality of site visits.

Session cookies, which may be created automatically to allow access to certain services of this site, do not contain personal information and therefore do not violate user privacy.

The software and hardware used for the purpose of gaining access to the site enable rejection of new cookies or deletion of already existing cookies. Rejecting or deleting a cookie may limit the user’s ability to optimise the use of the services offered by this web site.

Connection to websites external to

The web site includes links to other web sites. Euganea Vasi S.r.l. is not responsible with respect to the privacy rules or content of the said web sites.