What makes us special

We are the Bottazzo family and together with the rest of our staff and co-workers, we form a group of approx.50 people, with whom we run the company.

Euganea Vasi is a technologically advanced company spanning the artisan-industrial divide, which has strong roots in the Colli Euganei area, in Bastia di Rovolon (Padua), that form an unbroken link between external nature and the internal environment.

We work in an atmosphere with pleasant relational dynamics consisting of independent spaces and mutual trust. Key words such as cooperation, involvement, support and unity of intent form the real essence of our professionalism.

Every vase, every box and every bowl that leaves our kilns has been carefully made in Italy and accurately finished. We invest in innovation, in the desire for growth, never forgetting the link with our origins and the highly practical approach required to create our products.

Commitment to research

Euganea Vasi products conform to the highest quality standards thanks to our people's daily commitment to research and technological development, both in terms of design and in terms of materials and finishes.

A special treatment, applied as standard to all coloured products, is designed to preserve the colour over time and prevent the formation of moulds, algae or salt efflorescence on the surface of the pot. Thanks to their superb characteristics, Euganea Vasi products are ideal for use both indoors and out.

The homogeneity of our finished products provides further proof of our high quality standards and the great care we take over even the smallest details. Such a high level of uniformity is only made possible by careful selection and testing of raw materials, quality control throughout the production process and continuous testing for resistance and inalterability over time.